Is Eclectus Girl ready for a real cage?

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Is Eclectus Girl ready for a real cage?

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:54 am

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From: sweetypie (Original Message) Sent: 8/18/2000 6:41 PM
Hi Everyone,

My Sarah (female eclectus) has all here feathers except for the ones on her body under her wings. She is 7 weeks old and I think she is trying to wean her self off the hand feeding formula. She used to eat ALOT and now she isnt interest in it after a few ounces. I have offered her pellets and fresh water, fruits and veggies but till now she doesnt seem very interest in those either. Call me a over protective Mommy but is this normal at her age? I've been weighing her so I know she hasnt lost to much weight but again I am worried. AND she is using my coffee table as a perch, so today I put her in a large Tiel cage for the first time. AM I PUSHING HER or is this all just part of the process???

Lil Bit.....what was Tiara doing at this age?


Sarah's Mom

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 8/18/2000 9:14 PM
Hey, Sweetypie...

Just read your post. Am trying to think back to 7 weeks. Tiara had about the same feathering, but I believe she was still on formula. How many feedings a day is she on? How long in between? Tiara didn't start with any kind of "real" food til about 10 weeks I believe. I brought her home at 16 weeks at which point she was totally off formula and eating and drinking on her own. Is the formula thick or thinned out?

With regard to the cage, no problem...she should be ready for the larger cage about now. Make sure the perch is not in yet...she is not quite ready for that. How many grams in weight did she lose? It might not be a bad idea to check with her doctor on the weight thing...I was not involved in that part of Tiara's growing. My friend Doug her breeder did it all and kept everything in balance.

Let me know, okay? Lil Bit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 8/19/2000 10:11 AM
Hi LilBit

Sarah is weighing about 380 grams now, when i took her for the last shot the vet told me to get a food scale to keep track of the losing thing. Her formula is the consistency of a pudding right before u chill it. It is the same as its been for a couple of weeks and has been well enjoyed by my little chow bird LOL....SO, i am not sure what the deal is, i fed her the formula this morning and she was humhumhum, ready and willing LOL... Until recently i was feeding her 3 times a day but now it seems she is only interested in the formula 2 times a day. I spoke to her breeder and she said that i could offer her spray millet and parakeet seeds. I told her i had offering pellets and she said thats even better. She also said to offer her apple, which i have. THIS is just like when my daughter got off baby formula, i kept worrying if she was getting enough to eat. I feel strange to put Sarah in a cage(DUH), but she has been sleeping in the aquarium and during the day when i'm not at home she stays in a large plastic container with high sides. when i am HOME, she stays floor on a blanket in the living room. AGAIN, this is like when i took my daughter out of the crib and put her into a real bed.....SO, this is the life of a mother, WORRY WORRY WORRY............

THANKS LILBIT, you r a god send to Us...

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 8/19/2000 5:01 PM
Hi Sweetypie!

Tis moi again...Sarah outweighs Tiara at that age...I believe she was 375 grams! Hefty baby girl...seems to me you're doing everything right by her!

Something just occured to me as I read your post...she may be in the process of "slimming down" which is something they all do prior to trying their flight wings. I just can't remember how old TLT (The Lady Tiara) was when this occured...the devil when you get old--mind is the first to go they say!!!(LOL).

Ti and Logan had a real treat tonight...did groceries today and bought fresh figs! You should have seen them go to town on those! They developed a "fig beard"! Had to wash little beaks afterward! When Sarah is totally weaned, I'll be happy to share some very nutritious recipes with the meantime keep me posted on her progress, okay? Lil Bit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 8/19/2000 6:17 PM

wow my girl is a little chunky :-)

something i didnt mention to you was that she knows the "step up" command and i beleive she has all her flight feathers. Those beautiful long blue ones under the wings. so, ur probably right about slimming down. i'm watching her right now chowing down on some sweet potatoes.

And as always thanks ! ! ! !

Sarah's Mom

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From: Christine Sent: 8/28/2000 2:55 AM
Wow! Where has the time "flown" ? Sarah is growing up so fast! Hey, I got out my "handy-dandy" eclectus book and am going to give you what they say, so here goes. . .

Weaning generally begins around Day 50. At the beginning the bird is still fed as before but other food items are placed within its cage to encourage the chick to experiment. The most common first foods to be introduced are soft fruits and spray millet. (sounds like we already knew this with our "other" children!-LOL)

Color also stimulates the chick to start experimenting with food slices being offered to them, so thin slices of carrot, tomato, grapes, pomegranate,orange and even strawberries can be tried to initiate some interest from the young parrot.

From Day 60 a dish of soaked seeds, soft boiled pulsers, fruit and vegetables is placed in the cage as the parrots begin to experiment more. Millet spray is still offered seperatly, hung inside the cage, as many young parrots enjoy removing seeds from the spray.

They also note that by this stage they are quite consious of their surroundings and is starting to look for mental stimulation from its environment. (they said too, that it is a little more difficult raising one!--more than one-they interact and play and if the other shows interest in the food it encourages the other to eat!) although, according to the weight gain shown--mother and "daughter" are doing great!--they say the chick being raised alone must rely entirely on the care giver for interaction,stimulation and education!--I think you've got that covered too!

They do say by day 70 they should be eating twice daily (being sure that the bird eats well at the evening meal so that it will not go hungry during the night (if the bird doesn't eat well in morning -there is the rest of the day to experiment with other food!) By day 80 the young bird will be totally independent--but not to be rushed into each bird is individual--also weight loss is common (not to exceed more that 10%of its total body weight)

So. . .with having shared a good portion of that chapter--sounds to me (and I am not an expert, I am new with a toddler!) like you could have written the book--sounds like mother's instinct is the way to go!

I always enjoy the books written by the experts to verify that what I am doing is right--or look for more tips and advice.


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From: SnoBird Sent: 8/29/2000 2:19 PM
Gosh girls, thanks for some great info you've been sharing back and forth. It does sound like Sarah is doing so well. The Eclectus don't get a whole lot in the way of feathers growing in under the wing(armpit area LOL) Make sure when you get her trimmed the person is qualified. When I do the Eclectus, I make sure that the first one or two flights are left intact. At least the first one, then I sometimes have done #2 at half length. I trim off the next 3-4, then skip one or two, then trim one or two more. I know this sounds confusing, butI leave her with "air space slots" so she can't get any lift. Since they don't have regular feathers, their "armpit" area is sensitive and a bad trimming will poke,jab, and aggravate this area. An Eclectus came into the Bird shop up from me with a bad trim and the owner said she was picking at her underarm and trimmed wings ever since her grooming. It was all irritated underneath. She had the first feather so ratted and torn up, removal was necessary to stop it from jabbing her underside. This is just my opinion from our experiences, but something to think about. The most important thing is that if she will go outside, an adequate trim is what is important so she can't fly away.
Also, when I got the baby grey that had lost weight and was all plucked up, my avain vet recommended grits or instant oatmeal with a little baby food mixed in. He practically inhaled it!! He was too old to go back to handfeeding formula, but had definitely lost weight with his previous mom. As always though, first ask your breeder or vet. It is sooo nice to hear how well our babies are doing and I'm surprised at the amount of Eclectus owners here. I met a guy this past weekend with a male and female. He preferred the female and his wife was partial to the male......go figure huh??!!.....sno

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From: sweetypie Sent: 9/2/2000 3:30 PM
Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in my response to y'all sweet post....AND Christine I really appreciate all the info from that book of yours!

Sarah's Mom


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