New Cage for Greencheek Conure

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New Cage for Greencheek Conure

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:44 am

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From: birdlady101 (Original Message) Sent: 6/11/2000 2:36 PM
I am thinking about buying a new cage for my greencheek. She is in a brass cage right now. I really want to buy a powdere coated iron with an apron. Two questions: Should I order from a catalog for the best price, and if so-- which one? How do I introduce her to the new cage?

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From: SnoBird Sent: 6/11/2000 8:48 PM
Yes, definitely shop friend got a nice powder coated California cage with apron and play top for $129.00. It was bought at the shop a few doors up from my store. They were having a great sale. She got it for her Quaker and he jumped right in it and became very much the rule of his new roost.

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From: birdlady101 Sent: 6/12/2000 3:33 AM
wow ! that is half the price i have seen so far. i'll kep looking ! thanks or the info.

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From: seneca Sent: 6/12/2000 5:50 PM
Hi Birdlady,

I own a powder coated Cal cage--my conure loves it! Local pet stores have a small variety around here, but if you're looking for something different or interesting try local bird shows--they usually bring unique cages with them or I love browsing through Bird Talk magazine--they have loads of interesting cages and the where to buys and prices! My conure was a rescue case and came with this tiny horrible canary cage - I put the new Cal cage next to it and --he never looked back! He rarely goes into the cage-he loves to sit on the playtop-it's his penthouse, I guess! Good Luck! seneca

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From: birdlady101 Sent: 6/13/2000 3:12 AM
Hi Seneca. Thanks for the info. What type of conure do you have?

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From: seneca Sent: 6/13/2000 9:55 AM
Hi Birdlady,

I have a 9 yr. old "mitred" conure. I'm not sure if that terminology is correct-that's what the previous owner called it, and this is my first conure. However, he looks exactly like a green cheeked conure-the only difference is a few bright red feathers here and there. He also has magnificent red and yellow feathers under his wings and I don't know if the green cheeked ones do or not. He had plucked his breast feathers completely out with the previous owner, but stopped for me and now after a yr and a half, the new feathers are starting to look good! He has a small vocabulary and has started to let me touch and rub his head--something I never thought would happen--he is just a magnificent creature-I've only owned smaller birds- we also have a cockatiel and a pair of lovebirds. Please tell me about your feathered friend! Sincerely, seneca

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From: birdlady101 Sent: 6/14/2000 3:35 AM
Hi Seneca,

Ruby, our green cheek is the "princess" of the house. She gets to stay up at night the longest and visits with each member of the family in the living room each night. She has a long red tail and red on her breast. She has the most beautiful blue feathers under her wing, but they are also her flight feathers, so they are kept cut and not seen much.

She has a small vocabulary and can do a few tricks. We also have her trained to "poopie" on her perch, instead of us. She will even climb down and say poopie sometimes. Most of the time we just remember to bring her to her perch and tell her to go and she does!! She is most attached to my husband and loves to "preen" his moustache at night. She is soooo playful, and entertains herself, literally for hours.

I guess I sound like a green cheek salesperson (LOL) but we do love her!

More later, Dianne

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From: seneca Sent: 6/14/2000 10:53 AM
Hi again,

(We have to stop meeting like this! ha ha) I love your bird! I want mine to be that tame! And the poopie training----oh, I would just LOVE that part! You've done a wonderful job with your bird! Continued good luck--esp. with the new cage! Sincerely, seneca

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From: Indy75 Sent: 6/15/2000 5:28 AM
Hi I saw your post about your needing a cage and your old one was brass. If you reed about African Grey seizures on this message board you will see I had a bad problem with a brass cage. My bird had zinc poisoning. After researching on the web I found out brass had zinc in it. Some companies say their cages are safe (I assume they are talking about newer cages) I called many companies and I narrowed it down to California Cages and Kings Cages for having the safest powder coating. I went with Kings because it had the features I needed. I am very satisfied with the cage. It was packed extremely well when they shipped it to me. I found out by looking through cataloques that even some pet stores near me were able to match the price of the California Cages. Except for one major store they were overly priced. As for as getting your pet use to it. My Grey was in the other type of cage for 10 yrs and I knew it would be a challenge because Greys are cautious. We had to move furniture a round but I but this giagantic cage near hers so she could see it. Over a couple of days we would set her on the playtop. She was leary and seemed not to know how to get up and down the cage. I was more nervous then her. I didn't rush to pit her in it. I put her food and water on the play top. The first night she slept in it I put her in just before I covered her. I took the old cage away that night. I'm here all day and Allie is never in her cage so it made it a little easier. She is in love with her new cage now and I can sleep knowing there's no zinc toxicity. I'm sorry this is so long. good luck

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From: toby24 Sent: 8/12/2000 11:30 AM

I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but can I ask you a question? I am thinking of getting a Green Cheeked Conure. Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of owning one? Thanks!


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From: birdlady101 Sent: 8/16/2000 3:22 AM
Hi toby!

I'm not a Green Cheek expert, but I can certainly tell you why "Ruby", our Green Cheek is so special to us. We have 3 birds, a cockatiel, a double yellow head and Ruby. Ruby is the only one of the 3 that the whole family can handle. She loves to cuddle, even more than my cockatiel!, and she says about 6 words. She would probably have a bigger vocabulary if we worked on that with her. She does a few tricks for us. She is constantly entertaining us and herself. She plays litterally hours alone in her cage and seems very happy. She is very quiet. She does eat food with her foot sometimes, just like the big parrots. Our Ruby is potty trained(will go on a perch when we put her there and say "poopie".

If we had to get rid of all of our birds, except one, Ruby would be the one to stay. She has such a strong and loving personality, especially for such a little bird. Hope I haven't been too long winded! We love our Ruby!!


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