Another Baby Girl Eclectus!

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Another Baby Girl Eclectus!

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:42 am

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From: sweetypie (Original Message) Sent: 8/7/2000 8:06 PM
Hi Gang,

I wanted to let everyone that was such great help to Sarah and I how we were doing. Sarah was born on 6-29-2000, is a SI Eclectus and we came to her on 7-19. I have been taking pictures every Saturday so we will remember the ugly duckling that transformed into the beautiful eclectus. She has most of the feathers on her head and wings. Her breast feathers are coming in slowly, along with her tail ones. I cant wait till all these pin feather shells are done, its seems to be so bothersome for my baby. Her second visit to the vet is this wednesday for her polyoma shot. On her last visit two weeks ago she weighed around 300 grams, I can't wait to find out how much she has grown this time. I know she is getting big, if she stretches her neck she can reach the top of the aquarium. AND she is eating double what she ate 2 weeks ago...GULP and getting messier by the feeding (SMILE). She loves being out, we put a blanket on the floor and let her sit with toys. She is so comical with moving objects, she scouches down and then runs after it.

OK, here is where I need some advice, PLEASE.....She seems to love teething LOL on my fingers, its not hard but will this turn into problems later? I read that u shouldnt discourage them for using there beaks because its like a hand to them BUT i dont wanna create bad behavior either...SO WHAT DO Y'ALL THINK?



Sweetypie and Sarah's MOMMY

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From: Babychirps Sent: 8/7/2000 9:39 PM
Hi SweetiePie,

I have not have much experience with the larger birds ( I have a budgie and a quaker) but I have had experience with pups, kits, and children. I do know that you are right about a birds beak being a very sensitive sensory organ LOL. Just like every other baby I have ever met. Just let him get to know you from mouthing on your fingers but do not let him get too forceful with it. When he does remove your hand letting him know you are not pleased, with a no no or what ever you tend to say at that moment, and offer him a toy that his is allowed to "abuse". Whatever you do just be consistent because you cannot think it is "cute" now and then get upset later when it really hurts. And DO NOT EVER let your hand be one of those moving toys he likes to pounce on ( learned that from kittens LOL ) good luck and have fun with your "baby"


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From: Babychirps Sent: 8/7/2000 9:43 PM
Ooops...just re-read your post. please substitute She'/Her.. for ...He/Him in my post. :-)


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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 8/8/2000 5:59 PM
Hey, Sweetypie!

...So glad you finally update the community on Sarah! And, having gone through what you are now going through only a few months ago, I can really relate. My Tiara (also a SI) is now 6 months old.

I had the same concern with the beak thing too. Right now, she's about 6 weeks old, right? Well, don't you worry your head about it. At that point she is "exploring" her world. What I have learned is that all this beak and tongue action is to feel the texture of each object she encounters. Tiara did the same one of the dozens of books I read, and from what I learned right here, as well as from her breeder, this is the most normal thing in the world for a baby. She is also learning to identify people and objects in this manner. Just like when you say "step up", she is going to use her beak to steady herself. Right now she is really just getting her "sea legs" and needs to test if a hand is steady enough to trust stepping up on. I assume you are already starting with the step up command...even though you have to pick her up at this point.

At about 3 months she will start to exert some pressure when she does this. At that point you look very stern and say something like, "no bite" or "ouch" when she does it. She is not going to realize she is getting strength in her muscles. Tiara actually went through what I called "lungeing" at my ears and nose. The "Ouch!" works very well! You must pretend it "really" hurt. Tiara finally began to use her beak less and less at about 5-6 months. Until 5-6 months, she was still rather a "clutz" and somewhat clumsy. In the past 3-4 weeks she has begun to get into acrobatics...holding on to a lower perch with one foot, hanging upside down and reaching for her toy keyring at the bottom of the cage.

Until she is more sure-footed, that beak is her other "foot" don't worry. This is not a prelude to biting and when she does start to "test" you with how far she can push, the no bite and ouch work to show enough is enough. I must be totally honest, for about 2-3 weeks at the 3-4 month period, I began to wonder if I had made the right decision. She no longer was a cuddly or loving. But now at 6 months, I'm glad I didn't change my mind...she's turning into a real cuddle-bug! Hang in there....if there's anything I can help with, just say the word. Lil Bit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 8/8/2000 7:30 PM
THANKS Babychirps and LilBit for all ur input, its greatly appreciated. And she has showed alittle muscle today with her bite but i did the ouch thing and she reacted like a good girl, stopping for a moment then back again for the finger...but i gave her a chucky baby key ring and she seems to like it. She likes the TV too, just like a kid.

I have another questions to ask u LilBit, did Tiara's tail feathers come out orange at first? I was reading on a site that when the breeder saw the tail feathers coming out orange, she new it was a Hybrid. This is all very complicated to me, I know it is about breeding sub species but ...... Anyway, it does NOT matter if she is but I'd like to now about it.

Thanks again !

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 8/9/2000 5:31 PM
Hi, Sweetypie...

Actually, when her first tail feather came out at 5-6 weeks, it was scarlet red. As Tiara feathered-out, she did have some orange in her tail. The color has changed to a sort of burnt orange. You know, I really have to question this thing about being a hybrid....I know that Tiara's mom and dad are both SI. I am not entirely sure, but I think I read somewhere that a hybrid is a cross between two a SI mated with a Red-Sided or a Red-sided mated with a Vosmaeri. And hybrids are supposed to be sterile so that they cannot be mated.

Now Tiara has orange in her tail but both parents are SI. So I am not sure I buy it...I do know the Vosmaeri has a yellow band on the tail, but all the eclectus' I seen (SI) have an orangey color band on the tail. I'll do some further research and let you know what I find out, okay? LilBit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 8/9/2000 8:30 PM
Hey LilBit,

Sarah got her check up and final polyoma shot today. The vet said she was 385 grams, looks fine and I should start introducing her to some fresh veggies and fruits. He also said that she can have some Pellet food moistened with water. So tonight I did the pellet thing, OH it smells like dog food, and I did a taste test,,, the blandish cereal I've ever tasted...LOL.

Anyway, I asked him about the finger nibbling too. HE said that its a behavior thing and by all means not to let her do it. AND, he gave me a book on parrot behavior..YEAPEEE lol

OK, on the tail feather thing, I am probably FAR off. Maybe the article I read was about VOS not SI. The tail ones are burnt orange though, just like u said Tiara's were. SO, forgive my ignorance in the matter, i need to stay away from all those sites!!

BUT do let me know what u find out?

Sweetypie and Sarah's Mom

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 8/10/2000 5:38 PM
Sweetypie & Sarah:

....Way to go on the raising of a healthy baby girl, Sweetypie! I apologize I was not able to find out anything was a horror-show at work and nutty here when I got home. The kids next door went on vacation and I am babysitting their bunny---and this weekend am babysitting a little boy eclectus....Tiara's brother. A girl here in town bought him and they are going away over the it should be a good time...I hope!

With the nibbling thing, I was thinking (Oh-oh, that's painful!) that maybe I have been correcting Tiara without realizing it. I really have not paid much attention but it's a possibility. At this point she does it so that I'll rub her beak...seems to enjoy that. Strange baby!

If I have a chance Sunday, I'll pop down to see Tiara's Auntie Sue at the pet shop...she had an eclectus and is possibly looking to get another. Her baby unfortunately passed away a couple years ago because of some disease. I bring Ti in to see her...they get along so well and Ti loves the people in the shop fawning over her! She's not as big a show off as Logan--but she has 2 years to catch up to him! I'll definitely keep you posted! Have to go..chatboard is up in 20 minutes! Lil Bit


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