Sarah's (Eclectus) early weaning

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Sarah's (Eclectus) early weaning

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:09 pm

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From: LilBit-MA (Original Message) Sent: 02/09/2000 6:14 PM
Hey, Sweetypie...

Glad you took Sarah and learned about the weight loss. Eight weeks is a little young to wean, so it is just as well that she continue with her formula until she is ready to quit. Tiara began refusing the formula entirely at 12 weeks. I'm sure she'll start packing the weight back on until it's time for the "slim-down". When is her next visit? Let me know when she is weighed in the next time, okay...but we'll be talking in the meantime.

Yes, the toy Ti demolished was a covered wagon. Wooden wheels and base, covered by leather. Tomorrow my neice Katie and I will go and pick up another toy for her...hopefully it will last longer than a few days! Lil Bit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 03/09/2000 9:54 PM
Hey LilBit,

WELL, I'm glad I took her too but here it is 2 days later and she is eating a few squirts of the formula and then walking away..and when I get her back to me she attacks the syringe...i brother came over and watched what she was doing and says she's acting like she done want it .....SO here we go again...The thing the vet was worried about was her getting enough protein in her diet. I served her some peas and corn today and some cornmeal fantasy,,,she cleaned the bowls. Tonight i offered her the formula by syringe, no luck so i put the remainder of the baby formula in a bowl in her cage. I weighed her this morning and she is 318..I'm not sure when she will go back to the vet, unless i see her losing more weight.

I brought Sarah in for a wingclip and nail trim...and i came out of there spending almost $200...I understand the doctors were concerned about her weight loss but they did 3 different kinds of blood test to determine that she is healthy but needs more protein. I feel like everytime i take her to the vet they look for things to do to her......FORGIVE MY BITTERNESS....

ANYWAY, Sarah is a happy lil birdie, she seems to be into huggie kissie face these days and I'm enjoying every moment Smile I love to hear her falling asleep, she makes the sweetest little coo's.....

I'll keep u posted as always....THANKS AGAIN

Sarah's Mom

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 04/09/2000 4:52 PM
Hi Sweetypie...

Question...did the vet tell you what kinds of protein food to give Sarah? If you'd like I can check to see what is recommended by breeders.

I can understand your frustration with the vet...but at least it sounds like they know what they are doing. I took Tiara and Logan for their first check-ups with a local avian vet and spent $90, or maybe I should say threw away $90. Somehow it did not instill confidence in me when the vet said, "I can learn a lot from you!" I felt like making a caustic comment like, "But I came to learn from you!" Well...we did not go back to him. Instead I found a vet who worked for 12 years for one of the leading avian vet hospitals in the state...and what a difference. At least he did more than a quickie physical and feces analysis! He did a complete profile...if I wanted to throw away money with the other one, I could think of a hundred other ways to do so.

Ti started going "Ohhhhhh" when I give her hugs! I had my neice (13) over the weekend and am teaching her how to handle the little ones as far as maintaining hand control and such...she is doing very well. Logan calls her "Baby Katie Bird"! Lil Bit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 06/09/2000 8:52 AM
Hi LilBit,

The vet said to give her corn,peas,beans......and she likes it but she doesnt seem to wanna eat alot at one time as before and i know this is normal. STILL i worry as any mom would that her baby is eating enough, i'll never gonna change in that aspect.

I bought Sarah some new perches for her baby cage, the cement one and 2 different kinds of wooden ones. She likes the cement one best but is very curious about the others too. My brother came over and he said why do u have all those trinkets hanging in her cage, i replied its just 2 and they r her toys...he laughed and said u over indulge the parrot like u do ur daughter lolol....OH WELL what can i say, my bad.

I found something Sarah likes to eat, Malt o Meal cereal with peanut butter and bananas....mmmm.....she has good taste LOLOL.....

My daughter Stefanie and Sarah seem to be bonding good. Sarah allows Stef to kiss her on the beak Smile Well gotta run and do some house work YUCK ..... CYA LATER.....Sweetiepie

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 06/09/2000 6:42 PM

Thought of a couple of good things to feed Sarah...first, old fashioned cooked oatmeal with bananas or any fruit. Second, Post Grapenuts...Tiara loves the crunch of the dry cereal...Logan likes it warm and moist! By the way, if I come down, can I share Sarah's MaltoMeal? Sounds pretty good to me!

Your brother is're not spoiling her! Tell him this is perfectly normal...I spend $20-30 a week on toys! Did I tell you Tiara is part "carpenter ant"!?! Lil Bit

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From: sweetypie Sent: 06/09/2000 7:55 PM
Hey LilBit,

I've got more food in my pantry for Sarah than I do for the human flock. I got cornmeal, hotrize, wheat flour, wheatgerm, NUTS, malt o meal, grapenuts, peanut butter no salt or sugar added, canned pumpkin, unsweetened apple sauce, sweet potatoes, corn, peas and every BEAN known to man...lolol...and thats just for her...what can i say, I TRY!!

I didnt know eclectus had carpenter ants in their blood LOL..what did she destroy now???...lolol


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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 07/09/2000 5:01 PM

I may have made an error...maybe they are not carpenter ants---maybe they are termites! I got this nifty (now there's an old-fashioned word!) little barbell type toy...figured she could chase it around the bottom of the cage. Well it's made of a harder wood than I figured this is cool the toy ought to last a month! Silly me! It's been 5 days and it no longer rolls! But it does do a great "flat tire" imitation!

I maybe should invest in mahogany or rock maple...that might go for a month! LOL. This little girl is chewing up my raise from work just keeping her supplied with chew 'em up-spit 'em out toys! Lil Bit


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