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Eclectus Question

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:19 am

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From: LilBit-MA (Original Message) Sent: 6/16/2000 6:30 PM
Hi, a question for you. Tiara is now 17 weeks old and has started what I call the open beak lunge. She's developing a fetish for ears. Is this a "thing" of the "terrible twos"? I try to correct her with "No, Tiara. Bad baby bird!" I'm not familiar with the displays an Eclectus makes during the twos. With Logan (ringneck), her only misbehavior was not being her usual super-affectionate self. She would come out to keep me company, but wouldn't cuddle--her favorite thing to do. And there was no attempt to feed me. Tiara will lunge one second, and snuggle the next. This shouldn't be a long-term situation, should it?

Misty (Lovebird) was a miserable, cranky little witch for the first 5 years. Then when I was visiting with Tiara and bonding with her, I brought Misty a few times. Doug (Tiara's breeder; i.e., "foster father" now affectionately called Uncle Doug, turned Misty around in one night! Showed me what I was doing wrong and how to control her. I have a whole different bird now...and wouldn't trade her for the world.

How many in your flock? What species? Ages? Don't know if I told addition to my trio, there is also Benji (bunny), Raven and Chelsea (cats), and a fish tank.

Am I in for a "spell" with Tiara? Lil Bit

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From: SnoBird Sent: 6/19/2000 11:17 AM
Lilbit.....sorry for the late reply, but it goes with summer here on the east coast. We have been doing extensive work on our cabin and also having some computer problems again.
You say that she is 17 weeks old, but I am gathering you meant 17 months by the terrible twos quotation. My female Eclectus is 4 years old and I also have some problems with her. She adores my daughter(14 years old) and lets her cradle and cuddle her like a baby. She is what I sometimes call my 'flesh ripper' and unfortunately have a story or two to back it up. Maggie now knows I am fearful of a repeat perfomance of the 'flesh ripping' and she plays on that. My problem with her is she doesn't let go!!! My one grey George will also bite me, but at least he lets go right away so he can tell himself.."NO BITING GEORGE"!!! With the Eclectus she changes her eyes so fast on me, I hardly had any warning at all I was gonna get it. Don't be like me and let her get the best of you...I unfortunately am still a bit shy of her. I thought she would break my finger actually. Yet I can handle my cockatto who just recently joined our family with no fear and his beak is much larger...go figure. I am owned by:----2 African Greys(4 and 2),1 female Eclectus(4), 1 rescued Orange winged Amazon(20), 1 maroon bellied conure(4), 1 Umbrella cockatoo(5) and 2 crested canaries...not to mention the Himalayan siamese cat, the Vizsla dog, the pond full of Koi and whatever else wanders in this week!!!!

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 6/19/2000 6:10 PM
Hey, Sno...Thanks for the feedback. Actually, Tiara is 17 weeks. I wasn't sure if she had to be 2 years to start this lunging routine...thought it might apply to 2 months! I'm learning. Maybe she's just testing me as far as the proverbial boundries of the relationship goes. It's funny, I can really relate to the fear. It's not's Misty. When she was about a year old, I had a large cage (small spaced bars, though) where the whole front was a "door" that opened outward. I was cleaning it in the morning, when Misty grabbed on the top part of my left hand and began ripping and slashing. She was like a pit bull terrier--would not let go. For 2 minutes or so I had her attached as she ripped my hand open. The scares are still there 5 years later. I almost needed stiches. That same little girl is sitting on my left wrist as I type this! I'm still wary of her when my hand is in her cage!

Tiara I don't "fear". But I am curious about this behavior. Oh, I forgot to mention the canaries my roommate Lil breeds. Right now ther are 17 babies ready to go, and 10 eggs in two nests. Lil's not around much--running here and there and working part time (she's disabled); so, I have the dubious pleasure of raising baby canaries. Give me the bigger guys any day!

My neice got her bunny (Jersey Wooly) Saturday. His name is Theodore. Named after Theodore Roosevelt, and Katie is in love...called tonight to say how perfect and beautiful Theodore is!

Again, thanks, Sno. Hope all is going well. Will catch ya later! Lil Bit

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From: SnoBird Sent: 6/19/2000 7:00 PM
Hey girl,...I don't know if anyone ever told you this, but you really have a nice style of writing. Your messages are always informative, easy to follow and very interesting.
I tend to drag on my thought process way to long online as there are no family members to butt in and interrupt..LOL
One thing with your Eclectus....they really are one bird that like to do what they want, and on their terms. If she doesn't want to come out...don't force the issue, try later. I have read and heard of many people that try to "break" them and it does not work. They are very content to just sit and observe what goes on. They have to guard their nest in the wild in a bored out tree trunk and that is where the lunge attacks come in. Also in the wild, the fruits are usually tough skinned that they like to eat and hence the "flesh ripping". Just be patient with her 'spells' and I'm sure they will pass. Thanks again for your great posts, we sure do appreciate it when the members realize this is their site and feel comfortable to post anytime and answer questions when needed. We all can learn so much from each other for the betterment of our avian friends and us too!!........friends,sno

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 6/25/2000 5:54 PM
Hey, Sno....Thanks for the feedback....and the compliment! Well, what a difference a "week" made. I read your note, and decided the best thing I could do with Tiara is just lay back a bit. Well, just goes to show sometimes doing nothing is the best method. She's stopped lunging at me and now when I ask her to step up to come out, she does!

She seems to be pushing to see what I will tolerate. This week it seems to be kissing. She keeps giving kiss after kiss after kiss til I tell her enough! I'll tell ya, Sno, this is a whole different experience from a lovebird and a ringneck. I am learning with Tiara every day.

Took her to see Uncle Doug and Auntie Sue (her breeders) this past week. She was the most well behaved little girl...she was full of love and affection for Doug and Sue, and shared my hotdog. She likes mustard! Hold the relish, but not the mustard(LOL)!

Thanks, Sno...knowing you're there for all my little "crisis'" with Ti makes it easier...kind of like my own parent support group!

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From: SnoBird Sent: 6/26/2000 7:30 PM
That is GREAT news...a little patience does go a long way huh??? Glad I could share some of my trials and tribulations with ya......I guess I'll have to just bite the bullet(and hope she doesn't..LOL) and maybe get her out tommorrow. My daughter has been coming to the shop with me a few days a week and she just lets my girl do whatever she wants....BUT......with me, she pinpoints(flashes) those pretty eyes and I just know she is transforming into the 'fleshripper' ("ready to tear skin in a single bound")!!!
She only "lunges" at me as I would be taking her out, or putting her back...........mostly the latter. Anyway....keep me posted on every little detail..I just love the Eclectus(not a lot of people do) and like to hear different and similar characteristics that develop with their human families......I also like my fingers...LOL!!!....cya,.sno


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