Baby Girl Eclectus~!

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Baby Girl Eclectus~!

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:38 am

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From: LilBit-MA (Original Message) Sent: 7/24/2000 5:58 PM

Come on, Christine...been waiting to find out...Luella home now? How's she adapting? She is just a toddler, isn't she? I know, so many've got to post us back and give us some of the details!!! It's so neat when you bring the new little one home! So, spill the beans! Lil Bit

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From: Christine Sent: 7/25/2000 8:02 PM
Ok here is the scoop!! I brought her home yesterday afternoon!! She transported well! We aren't that far anyway. She spent the afternoon hanging out on the upper perch (guess that is what they do to feel safe)

Didn't eat much--yesterday, but she spoke to my daugter about 7 different times. WoW!! I am allowing Luella to "room" with Robyn.! We want her to feel very comfortable-and loose the feather picking and chewing habit--hopefully all she needs is the attention! We have detoxifiers and vitamins and all that are herbal that her mommy was using with her as her treatment and it seems to be working--She has a lot of new growth of feathers!! She is also wearing the "collar"--looks like she might pick up some good tv shows!!--LOL

She and my daughter were kissing today! Can you believe it?? I adopt this bird and she adopts my daughter!! Oh, well!! good for them!! both--Robyn is the last of the 5 children--only one now left at home, so it has been a little too quiet for her too!

Luella ate a good dinner tonight and got a bit of a treat when she finished her meal!--Robyn, Luella and I were watching a movie together! She is way better than having a house cat on you!! (not a cat person) anyway, while watching this movie I got myself a glass of beer and a handful of pretzels (my well deserved treat!)---Luella came right over for a taste of the pretzel. NO BEER!!--

I think she is doing well and this is day # 2!! Robyn and I did go out for about 1 hour this afternoon and Robyn went right in to say Hello to her, (got there before me!) and that bird said "Hello" right back to her!

Of course my cockatiel has been non-stop talk today! He and the eclectus are not housed in the same room!--but still I think that they are aware of each other! Well, he need not worry-there is plenty of LOVE to go around to them!!

Not sure if I had mentioned her age she is a toddler-- 2 just a little over --maybe 2 1/2 not any older than that!! She is soooooooo sweeeeeeeeet!

We (Robyn and I) will be going "birdie" shopping soon!! We figure we can use some new toys on the "Parrot Tree" --and the cockatiel needs something new!

She came home with her cage of course! a very nice Parrot Play yard that was custom built for her! You can put 2-4 birds on at a time ! it's good size. She has a carry case, her mommy said to keep it in case I need to transport her. . .besides she has several of them. All her meds. and vitamins and a very nice file put together with her likes and dislikes and other helpful things and a card for an avian vet. They even checked out the clinic over the weekend!! They are looking for a new one also for the rest of their flock.

She has been raised by a loving family--Just couldn't give her the amount of attention she needs and deserves with all of the other birds.

I'll update! again soon! Thanks, Christine

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From: kittietta Sent: 7/25/2000 10:55 PM
Christine..I have been following, with much pleasure, the waited arival of your eclectus toddler and coulld not stay quiet any longer!! Just wanted to say concrads!! I must admi, I am just a tad bit envious.Have wanted an eclectus for several years now but thay are more than I can afford.

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 7/26/2000 5:18 PM
Welcome, kitty!

Glad you chimed in on the fun....I know how you feel about "wanting " for so long...I waited 3 years for my eclectus Tiara. Initially I wanted a male and already had a name picked out before hand. Then a friend who works at a pet supply shop near here put me in touch with a breeder who had a pair on eggs. As it turned out, I ended up falling for a little girl. She's 5 1/2 months old and has managed to utter two words...Hello and Uh-Oh!

Do you have any birds yet, kitty? If, so, what kind(s)? You'll have to fill us in. Really glad you joined in...looks like we're developing a nice little Eclectus group! Lil Bit

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 7/26/2000 5:31 PM
Hey, Christine!

....She sounds like an absolute sweetheart. You know, this may be the best thing that could have happened for the three of you. Sounds to me like she is going to get lots of love and attention which seems to be what she needed...maybe the picking will stop entirely!

I can relate to the watching a movie with pretzels and beer...a couple of weeks ago I finally got the tape I sent for, Training your Parrot the Alex Way by Chris Davis and Irene Pepperberg. So when I got home from work and it had arrived, I gathered two of my small flock (Logan and Tiara) to watch it with me. Misty, my lovebird is on the antisocial side with other birds and animals, so she remained in my room with some new toys to amuse her.

About 20 minutes into the tape my roommate and her boyfriend came in with Chinese food. So with Tiara on one shoulder and Logan on the other we watched and shared a large eggroll! There's one thing for sure.. Eclectus surely love to eat...they have fabulous appetites...Tiara will try anything! Let us know how things progress...seems you and I will be learning about these beautiful creatures together! Lil Bit

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From: SnoBird Sent: 7/26/2000 9:34 PM
Christine, I was actually smiling the entire time while reading your post. I am SOOO happy for you and your "daughters"..LOL Thanks for such an informative update. I really feel like we all got close while you thought over the whole process of adoption, and hope our stories continue with great successes. While you are out toy shopping, you may want to check to see if anyone has invented an Eclectus Bib yet!! You'll soon see exactly what we mean, boy oh boy, they sure do loook good in what they eat!!!(ain't that the truth lil bit??LOL) I'm so glad I got to catch up on message boards before heading back up to cabin to get some more work done. What great news, it's all uphill from here. And by the way, it's great she is still a toddler!!! (I think!!).....gab soon, sno

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From: Christine Sent: 7/27/2000 8:25 PM
Oh, the bib is a terrific idea!! She is a little "hog-let". She has on one of those elizabethean collars (looks like a satellite dish!) Boy!!! that catches some of the stuff!--I made pasta with mixed dry beans (cooked) and she eats veggies! likes carrots-better than peas! She had some tonight with tomato and cucumber "salad" she had an egg for breakfast with wheat bread soaked in honey water. She seemed to like it! Well she wore it well!

She has a "thing" for small cardboard boxes! She tears one apart! and she likes stuffed toys! which she will eventually destroy!! so, I have been told! I'm just going to go to the "toy store" and ask for boxes! --

My 18 year old popped by for a visit and met Luella, who did not want anything to do with her!!!--this daugter is not gentle and soft-spoken like Robyn is ! that bird squaked and carried on while she was here!! I know it was too soon to have someone new to meet! but I was close asking my 18 year old to go home! (M-I-BAD??) I told her she couldn't stay in the same room with Luella, then I told Luella "No more"-or I will cover the cage!--she looked at me like she understood that Mommy means it!! and I am not going to sit in a dark covered up cage!--she stopped making noise! and was back to her soft coos and hello darlun's in no time--

the other child stayed away from her then went home

I just spoke to her in a firm, yet gentle tone. and she really understood what I told her--I know it wasn't her fault at all--being new to this home! and then someone else shows up and looks at this new family member like she is on display! Poor little baby!!!--She has been brought up very well by her previous Mommy!

Any other ideas? I mean as far as electus behavior--Aren't they fairly "relaxed" (obviously, there is some stress involved in a move to a new home with a new family!)


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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 7/28/2000 5:26 PM
Hi, Christine!

Your stories of Luella crack me up...she sounds like a real character! By the way, if you do see a "bib" in your travels, let me know who makes them! Tiara grows a "beard" every time she eats something soft...this little dangling piece of whatever just keeps growing and growing and growing!

I posted my own version of "birdie bars" on the recipes section...I had to make more tonight...they are a bib, big hit in this house. I even brought some over to Ti's Uncle Doug and Auntie Sue (her breeders) last night for Ti's mom and dad, as a thank you for the beautiful baby they gave me!

On Tuesday Ti will be coming to work with me in the afternoon...I'll pick her up at lunch...we have our first physical with a real avian vet. The first one did not instill any confidence in me when he said, "I can learn a lot from you!" We now have a new doctor. Have to admit I am a bit concerned...there were about 8 breast feathers in the cage tonight...I hope she is not going to pluck. Maybe I'm being overly's probably nothing.

Keep the updates coming...they brighten the day! Lil Bit

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From: SnoBird Sent: 8/1/2000 8:45 AM
Hi birdie gang, just got back late last night and have been playing catch up.....Thanks for everyone pitching into the messages to keep this community striving, interesting and fun(not to mention informatively addicting!!).... far as the feathers, check and make sure you see NO mouse droppings anywhere(or other evidence of a mouse). As you know there is a bird store/breeder a few doors up from my shop(in a shopping center) and they carry lots of feed. I try to keep surplus seed and such stored in freezer for moth prevention and to deter mice brunches, but sometimes we get a spell of them. I usually am alerted to the mice visits by Maggie(eclectus). She definitely does not like to share her spilled seed and pellets with them and will nervously pull a few feathers. I check around and sure enough, we have a visitor(or two!!,or a thought.......

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From: LilBit-MA Sent: 8/1/2000 5:04 PM
Hey, Sno...

Glad to see you're back! And thanks for the tip ref the meeces(LOL)! I checked for moths and such as we have a problem with them each summer because of the canaries seed. You'd think with 2 cats I wouldn't have to worry about mice! But I'll do another run through the house on that score.

TLT(The Lady Tiara) had her first "honest to goodness check up" by our new avian vet tonite. She's perfectly healthy in every way shape and form! I questioned him on the feathers..and he discreetly pointed out a pin feather here and there...chest and head! To which I exclaimed, "But she's only 6 months old! She can't be going through a molt!!!" It seems she is a little young, but it is not unheard of! Boy have I got a lot to learn! It's nice to know we have friends who care, though! Thanks!!! Lil Bit

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From: sno Sent: 8/2/2000 12:39 PM
Hey LilBit, another thing is that Maggie doesn't really do a full molt. She does it in bits and pieces. I don't know if it's due to the shape and style of the feathers(or red or just the way my shop is temperature wise. She just finished with a fine hair molt(head,underparts etc.)......go figure........strange chick she is!!!
Just keep in mind, -pin feathers seem to usually follow a normal process as they have "pushed" the feather out. If there are bare patches and no pins, keep a close eye on things (but I'm sure you already know that stuff) Gab soon.........sno


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