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From: t/bird (Original Message) Sent: 25/10/1999 3:35 PM
It would be interesting to pick your 'brainz' concerning the types of illnesses that have afflicted your birds and how they were recognised and treated. I feel, by sharing this information, it would benefit us all. I have been very lucky with my cockatiels as they have remained relatively healthy except recently for my female cockie. Just before christmas '98 I lost one of my cockatiels(she was very old so not totally unexpected) and a couple of months afterwards my remaining female, Georgie, started breathing very rapidly and her chest was heaving, despite this she still remained chirpy so off to the vet's we went where they said she had ruptured her air sack. To cure it they had to draw off the excess air that had accumulated under her skin(in several places) and give her antibiotics. Eventually she was back to her old self. I believe that the cause of the ruptured air sack was due to grief over having lost the love of her life (yes, I'm afraid she is a predatory lesbian and the male never gets a look in!). Shortly afterwards I noticed a little crusting around her cere so it was off to the vet's again who put her back on antibiotics but he still couldn't find out what caused it( she probably caught the cold at the vet's). Thankfully she is better now. This is the first time anything has been wrong with my cockatiels in the eight years I have had them.

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t/bird..what a great question. I have been lucky enough not to have anything affect my larger birds,but unfortunately, not so for my canaries. I purchased a dozen canaries several years ago from a breeder. I had done business in the past with him, and still do(no birds tho',mostly supplies). In fact they are still friends of mine and are doing a pretty good business. Anyway, the birds had been exposed to toxic chemicals. They were either sterile or produced deformed young. It was pretty heartbreaking until I found out the cause. They have passed away or gone blind one by one. I have three left and one of them has terrible sinus trouble. Another is starting to lose sight,but they still sing and bring me joy. I'm sure they appreciate me as much as I do them. My orange winged Amazon was in a neglectful home and has no toes,but he is doing really good. He has grown two toenails(the vet didn't think that would happen). He has shared three awesome years with us so far and we hope lots to go!!... michele


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