Can a Bird dye of nothing??

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Can a Bird dye of nothing??

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:56 am

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From: B1RD1E (Original Message) Sent: 10/11/1999 9:05 AM
Yesterday when I woke up I found my lovely 6 month old white face lying on the bottom of the cage, he is not flying anymore! He must of died in the night. I never saw any symptoms of anything, He was happy and whistleing before I went to bed. I know he couldm't of died from old age, What could of happened? Petry is all upset know and walks around everywhere, He flies to the cage and back to Iodines favorate perch, I fell bad for her but I'm not sure if I should get a new bird, it took months to tame Iodine down, and I got rid of my breeding birds and are against buying birds at petshops. Does anyone know any responcable breeder that is willing to ship to Iowa/Illinois ( or close enought for me to drive to.)

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From: SnoBird Sent: 11/11/1999 6:20 AM
Birdie: I am so sorry to hear about your baby. Was there anything at all different the few days preceding her death? I lost a canary overnight once after a friend was staining a stool at my shop. There are so many things that are toxic we would never dream of. I read in Bird Talk about a cockatiel dying after going to the vet for a trim,so the vet wanted to see the other birds and do blood work and one of them died two days later. The bird that went in the husbands truck was ok. Come to find was the Christmas tree pine air fresheners hanging on her rear view mirror to the ladies car,none were in the truck. It is amazing how they even figured it out. As far as reputable breeders, there is one next to my shop. They do have a Bird store, but is is an exceptional facility. I'm not too sure about shipping myself(I know they do tho) and it would also cost more than the cockatiel probably. I'll try to do a net search in the Iowa area and look in my Bird Talk as soon as I get some extra time. Wish you the best of luck and maybe you should take the other bird in for a blood test. Talk soon..take care, michele

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From: B1RD1E Sent: 11/11/1999 8:56 AM
Well the only thing my boyfriend did was spray some lysol under the cage (which he has done many times before) I think it this was the problem both birds would of died but Petry is as healthy as ever. I never noticed any changes in behavior, He was singing and whistling The Andy Grifth show before I went to bed, but I woke up to petry screaching and found her compainion died. So I can't evan began to think of what may of killed him. I've heard that Lady Gouldian Finches die easily but I have never had a bird that young die on me and I have raised many birds. His Picture maybe up in the photo album soon, He had just got his color and looked like a pretty bird!!

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From: SnoBird Sent: 15/11/1999 7:37 PM
Hey Birdie...I was just wondering how you were doing this week and if you found out anything new. How is Petry doing?? Have you been able to locate any breeders in your area yet? Just a suggestion, and only my opinion,but I don't use Lysol or any Cleaning products in my Birds room. Usually some Dawn with warm water clean up everything really nice. Heck,I don't even burn candles anymore. I know Febreeze is also not at all good for birds respiratory systems. They have said it is safe for dogs and cats now,but still not birds due to several reported deaths after using it. I hope this week is going better for you. Gracie also lost a sweet little bird recently. Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you!!!michele

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From: B1RD1E Sent: 21/11/1999 11:11 AM
Petry is still doing fine, I am going to wait a little bit before buying another bird, Do you know of any bird that would be good with cockatiels? Like a rosella or lory? I think I want to add some color!! but I only have the one cage, petry still seems lonly and she sneeks out of her cage alot, but I think she enjoys the less noisy house hold!! I miss the Cardinal whistles in the morning thou.

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From: SnoBird Sent: 21/11/1999 6:50 PM
Hey Birdie....glad to hear that Petry is starting to adjust. I'm not sure what species I would house in the same cage. The lories sure are pretty, but since their diet is so different from cockatiels,hopefully you will be able to get one with a cage.
The shop next to me raises the lories(not always available though) but when I do get to visit them,they really do seem like an energetic bundle of fun and color. They do like to squirt some color on the wall too!! LOL......
Keep us posted and glad to hear Petry is doing good!...michele


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