Goffins 1/17/2001

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Goffins 1/17/2001

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From: Katzxten (Original Message) Sent: 1/17/2001 12:37 AM
Hi lilli thanks for asking . Yes goffins are very good talkers and according to MIke owen of BIrds of Australia so are rose breasted toos, with the males being slightly more adept than the females. Please ask me something else . Thanks Katz

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From: Janet Sent: 1/22/2001 1:52 PM
Thank you Katz,
Do you think Rose breasted Too would be too much for 2 spoiled rotten little tiels to be around? I mean size-wise. How big are they in relation to tiels. I see pics of them online, but measurement don't compute. Like an Amazon maybe? lili

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From: Katzxten Sent: 1/23/2001 1:01 AM
Hi lilli
The rose breasted ones I have seen are slightly bigger than tiels. they do have the same body shape and are beautiful. I don't know how they are as pets a few years ago they were all over the place and now they are hard to find. Katz

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From: patti Sent: 1/23/2001 6:04 PM
Rose Breasted Too's (AKA Galahs) are about the size of an Amazon, and are extremely sweet natured birds. Not too much unlike a tiel in disposition. I wouldn't consider housing one in the same cage with tiels though. There is a size difference, and even the sweetest bird can turn really nasty when jealous. Closely supervised interaction could be possible though depending on the personality of the tiels and the Galah.

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From: Janet Sent: 1/23/2001 6:49 PM
Thanks. I would never put differing species in a cage together although I know that some have. I also want birds from the same continent because my friend read that there tends to be more feather plucking in households with birds from different continents that from those who are from the same, although we don't have that problem. I lean toward the aussies though. Mine are jealous of each other too. They're pathetic with their little separation anxiety if I leave to go into the kitchen. When they hear me come into the driveway, the wolf-whistling and begging starts - and you can hear it outside! Then when I get in and they see me, their little dances start...They're so funny! I know you all have the same situation! I just like to talk about them because they're so sweet. I'll bet we all think people have more communication and understanding with birds than with any other animals--I have come to love all animals more because I love my little birds so much.


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