Egg-laying Cockatiel. Help!

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Egg-laying Cockatiel. Help!

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From: Heidi (Original Message) Sent: 12/12/2000 9:02 PM
I have a single-kept 3 year old lutino cokatiel hen that layed her first clutch of eggs about three months ago. She has started again to rub herself on toys, food bowls etc and today layed her first egg . The last time she had a total of 10 eggs and I would like to get her out of the "mood". My sister lost her hen a few years ago to egg-binding and I'm very nervous that she's doing this again. I'd apprieciate any advice on tis matter(i.e. getting her to stop,signs to watch for egg binding,etc)

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From: Bird Lady Sent: 12/13/2000 3:07 AM
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From: OZ_BIRD Sent: 12/17/2000 6:37 AM
Well cockatiels are apt to do this. You need to break the cycle. That is take them off EVERYTHING except french millet for two weeks, and of course water, and that usually helps them and gets them out of cycle. You can read all about egg binding on my site BIRDS DOWN UNDER OZ_BIRD of Australia

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From: Janet Sent: 12/17/2000 1:34 PM
Hello Heidi,
One of my hens has laid several times. She "loves" her toys and foodbowls too. The best 2 things to do with her are to give her lots of love, attention, and petting. She seems to lose the mood as long as she gets enough affection (her idea of enough!) The other is to take her, cage and all to a room with the shades down and just leave her alone with her eggs. The last time, she lost interest immediately and hasn't laid again. This has worked every time. Janet

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From: Katzxten Sent: 12/21/2000 3:20 PM
Try shortening up her day by covering her or turning out her lights about an hour earlier Hope this helps Katz

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From: Janet Sent: 12/23/2000 6:54 PM
Yes Heidi, Katz is right. That's why my little cinnamon hen stops the "mood" when I put her in a dark room. They do lose interest without sunlight--and quickly too. I don't know anything about the 2 week french millet diet yet, but hope to learn more. My avian vet said that although it was hard on them to keep laying eggs, it isn't as hard as having a hysterectomy! I know of one who had a heart attack from surgery...killed with kindness, I guess. It was not a good last resort for her. I have heard that keeping their cloacas oiled will stop the egg binding but I never let mine get that far any more and I don't know how true it is either.(?) Sorry this post is so long. Happy holidays all! Janet(lili)


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