What's the best way to tame a Lovebird

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What's the best way to tame a Lovebird

Post  AbbyBCLady on Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:48 am

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From: Gracie (Original Message) Sent: 27/10/1999 10:06 AM
I'm trying to tame a new baby lovebird of mine and it's a different experience than with my first lovebird. My first lovebird came from a local breeder and he was calm. I was able to cup him in my hands to pet him and he would fall asleep. In less than two weeks he became tame and sweet. When he died, I bought another baby lovebird who has the exact opposite personality. She bites very hard and is always squirming out of my hands. Help! I've had her for over a month and have had little success! *Gracie

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From: B1RD1E Sent: 02/11/1999 9:37 AM
Well, First the wings should be clipped, unless for any reaon keeps you from clipping them. I suggest cleaning out a cloest, and staying in the closet for 15 min a day with your bird!! It sounds weird but it works!! First the bird has no where to go and you aren't chasing after it your whole training seccion. Also the room is quiet, and you need as little destraction as possible!! Don't jump to fast in hand taming!! Birds are naturally afraid of a hand!! Thats what has taken him out of each and every home he has been at!!Put the bird in the cloest alone, leave his cage, open the door of the cage and place the cage on the ground! He is more likly to leave the cage after you leave the closet, You may place a treat on the ground if you like. Come back in 5 min to see if he is out, If he is close the door of the cage, but leave it in the room. Sit down with your bird and let him make the dissuion to walk on you!! Coxing with treats is Okay. After a few sessions he should be freely walking around and you can try to pick him up. If the bird hopps on the cage leave him alone, this is his safe spot. The reason this works is because a bird wants to be high up, the ground is a scary place, so rather than be on the ground he will climb up (on you) and perch once he fells it is safe he may try climbing up higher. Always have treats!! Make your pet want to be with you!! This will also train him to come to you when he is flying around


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