Together by birdgoon

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Together by birdgoon

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:22 am


We all have our problems, we all have strife.
Sometimes we wish we could step in another one's life.

But if we opened up the next door.
We would probably find ourselves on the floor.

For life comes to test us, with our own personal chores.
And for us all, problems seem to be just a bore.

Oh My God, we think, when is it gonna stop.
Sometimes there are so many, we feel we will pop.

And then along comes a light at the end of the tunnel.
We begin to see we are not in a funnel.

There are people out there, that care and understand.
They may dance to another tune, or even a band.

They may live such a distance, that to touch cannot be done.
But with the love that they offer, any battle can be won.

So remember when the going seems to get to rough.
That together we can make it, together we can be tough.

So I offer to you, friendship with open palms.
And i hope this may help you, and your heart it does calm.



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