Funny Stories Sent: 4/4/2001 5:08 PM

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Funny Stories Sent: 4/4/2001 5:08 PM

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From: patti (Original Message) Sent: 3/30/2001 12:00 AM
Hey everybody! I just had an idea! One of my little technicolour clowns was just being silly and making me laugh and I thought "How about we all post a few stories about times when our feathered friends have made us laugh". I don't know about the rest of you, but I sure do appreciate a good laugh and love reading stories about other people's birds. So how about it?


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From: Bird Lady Sent: 3/30/2001 3:15 AM
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From: Janet Sent: 3/30/2001 11:07 PM
Oh Patti! They all make me laugh every day so I don't even know where to start. The budgies are hiliarious when they have their showers. When I spray them with the plant mister, they take turns running to the front of the cage-top and just stand there vibrating and bending over. It's the only time they actually look at me as if I hold any value whatsoever in their lives.

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From: Katzxten Sent: 3/31/2001 12:52 AM
Well my Vinnie has a LARGE vocabulary and I am not bragging. He had most of it when I got him. He just picks things up easy. 3 yrs ago when I was at work-15 miles from home I got a call from the local post office. There are only 87 homes in this mail area so we know each other well.
Eve informed me something was very wrong at my house. they had tried to deliver a pkg. and when they rang the bell someone would say come in and when the dogs barked someone would say Thumper knock it off but the door stayed locked and nobody ever opened it. Just the same thing every time they rang the bell. I explained and 15 minutes after I got home all 3 employees of the post office showed up to see if I was telling the truth about it being a BIRD. Katz

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From: 1GoodBird Sent: 3/31/2001 1:03 AM
I didn't laugh about this at the time, but just a few days ago a friend and I were laughing about it, so I guess this qualifies.....I have a Senegal, a sweet little thing who doesn't make much noise at all.....I took her to some of my bird club meetings and everyone just LOVED her. One meeting, we had a guest speaker, a professor of botany, who was a pretty straight-faced guy. I had to go out of the room and rather than taking Annie, I left her in her cage near where some friends were sitting. I was in the bathroom and heard a noise coming from the main room, but didn't think much of it, until I got back there and my friend was frantically trying to find me. Annie was absolutely SCREAMING! The minute she saw me there was complete silence in the entire room.

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From: Bird Lady Sent: 3/31/2001 3:14 AM
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From: patti Sent: 3/31/2001 3:37 PM
One of my favourite birds is a Rainbow Lorikeet named Psycho. He is always doing his best to impress all the lady birds and me. Well, just the other day I was watching him and his cage mate Kermit. I hope that they will breed together and was very happy to see him doing his mating dance. Now, if you have never seen a Lorikeet doing a mating dance, I can tell you it is quite a show! He stands up as tall as he can, goes all fluffy, begins to sway back and forth and hisses like a snake with his pupils just the size of a dot in those wild red eyes and whistles a low song. Kermit seemed very receptive to him and had her little tail up. I was over the moon thinking I was just about to see them finally mate. I watched, Psycho slowly made his way over to Kermit, and then past her, straight to his little toy ball and mated with it instead!! Poor Kermit must have really felt rejected, eh?

Another of my Lorikeets, a Red Collar named Pepsi was making a huge noise in the bird room one day. It went on and on until I just couldn't take the noise another second so I went to give him a piece of my mind and tell him to knock it off. I walked into the bird room and said "Peps, what is all this noise about?" and he looked at me and said "I'm talking to the birdies". Well, I was so shocked I just laughed and left him to talk to the birdies all he wanted.

A few years back we were on holiday at Ayer's Rock and had Pepsi with us. One day we were sitting under the pavillion at the camp grounds when the garbage truck came along to pick up the bins. Well, Pepsi loves big loud things so he got real excited about the truck and wanted to be friends with the man who drove it. As the guy walked past him Pepsi said "G'day"in his most pleasant voice. The guy slowed a bit, but I think he wasn't sure who had said it and so he didn't acknowlege it. Well, Peps apparently found this to be rude, so when the guy walked back by, Pepsi let out a string of expletives and abuse that would make most ppl blush. The guy turned and looked at us muttered a few words under his breath and then kept walking.

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From: Katzxten Sent: 4/4/2001 5:08 PM
I just finished making a "bird run"--I picked up an M2 in wisconsin who could no longer stay in his home and took him to Tennessee to meet a lady from Florida who was giving him a home there. Oscar was in the back seat in a kennel kab and it was a long ride. Most of it was freeway and it seemed like every time I would push the gas pedal a little hard that dang bird would give out with a siren! The rest of the time he just muttered away and told me what a good bird he was-and I guess he is as he probably saved me from getting a ticket. Katz

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From: patti Sent: 4/4/2001 5:43 PM
Ha ha ha katz! Reminds me of a couple of different times when we have been transporting birds. A year or so ago we bought a 20 year old GSC too and we transporting him home. All the way home when we would go around a corner or speed up Cooky would go WEEEEEEEE. I think he really enjoyed the ride. And a few years before that we were driving to Sydney with Pepsi in the back. He had a little plastic chain in his cage that would swing back and forth when we would hit a bump and Pepsi spent the whole trip swearing at the chain and calling it a BLOODY BIRD.


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