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13-14 hours of light per day stimulates maximum fertility
Temperatures 60-65 degrees -- Higher temps reduce fertility
Nutrition: 16-20% protien and Vitamin E improve semen production.

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From: 1GoodBird Sent: 3/26/2001 12:55 AM
Do you have canaries, Katz? I have a pair that seem ready to breed...they have been calling to each other continuously and obnoxiously for weeks, they started putting things into a nest, and they feed each other, but I was wondering if I should move them to a different room. Right now they are in a room with the rest of my small birds and they aren't disturbed too much. They are in the farthest corner of the room, but I wondered if I should move them into a different room of their own. Now with seeing the temperature range, that might be a good idea. It is cooler in there, I usually have the heat off, so it would be about 62 maybe. I'd love to have some baby canaries. Any ideas?

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From: Katzxten Sent: 3/26/2001 2:40 AM
I don't but have a friend who breeds beautiful prize winners. I asked her for easiest tips and this is what she came up with. She also said the vitaminE is especially important for older cocks.

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From: 1GoodBird Sent: 3/26/2001 5:49 PM
Katz, sorry I just HAVE to laugh at that....a quiet, muffled laugh because it isn't SUPPOSED to be funny, it just came out that way. OK>>>minds out of the gutter now...

Do you get the vitamin E in a liquid and put it on food?

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From: Katzxten Sent: 3/27/2001 2:05 AM
Well get your mind out of the gutter and put the vitamin E on the food!! Katz


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