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Cockatiel hand rearing

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From: patti (Original Message) Sent: 1/23/2001 5:41 PM
G'day to everyone.
I just began rearing my first clutch of tiels on Sunday, and have had nothing but trouble with the older 2 who are approx 3 1/2 and 4 weeks old. The youngest (3 weeks old) is a breeze to feed, but the older 2 struggle to get away from the food, and it takes me about 45 minutes to fill them adequately. I have tried all of the obvious solutions (food temp, bird temp, food taste, etc..) but nothing seems to make much difference with these 2 little trouble makers. I have heaps of hand rearing experience with lories and bigger birds, but haven't really ever done tiels before and am wondering if there is some sort of "trick" that I just haven't found with them. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciate.


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From: Lady Sent: 1/24/2001 7:22 PM
Hi Patti,

Try putting some instant oatmeal in the formula. I use the single packages of the regular. I use just enough to add a different consistency, which seems to encourage them to eat. I know that oatmeal is good for them, so it will not hurt to try. Make sure that you do not make it too thick otherwise they will not eat it. I also give it to them when I am weaning, I make up a thick formula and put it on a plate, which encourages them to eat on their own. Good Luck, Lady

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From: patti Sent: 1/25/2001 4:15 PM
Thanks Lady! I will give it a try and see how it goes.

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From: Lady Sent: 2/8/2001 10:24 PM
Hi Patti, this is Lady, I am curious how did the oatmeal work?

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From: patti Sent: 2/9/2001 4:02 PM
Hi Lady,
I'm sorry to say the oatmeal didn't work either. I was getting very frustrated with these babies, and it seemed like they were never going to be easy to feed, but then, I tried feeding them a cheaper formula that I had here for a couple of rescued doves, and they loved it, and haven't given me any problems since. The first formula was Lakes brand from the US, and for some reason, the birds just didn't like it at all. The brand that I am now using is a more local on called Avione.


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From: Katzxten Sent: 2/10/2001 12:26 AM
Sorry I didn't answer sooner msn and I have had some differences the past couple of weeks so it has been impossibe for me to know when or where my posts go.
Lakes is terrible. It is made here in minnesota and It is almost impossible to buy here because it is so bad.
Now that you have them eating try adding baby cereal to the formula and mine always liked baby peas added.

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From: patti Sent: 2/10/2001 7:06 PM
Thanks Katz,
I agree about the Lakes. It is crap. I only ended up using it because the person I bought my Corella off of used it and wouldn't agree to let it go unweaned unless I would agree to keep it on the same formula they were using. So I spent a fortune on formula, and was determined to try and use it all. I was just thinking about adding some baby food to the formula that I am now using to "beef" the little ones up a bit before I get serious about weaning. What do you wean them to? I have been soaking a cockatiel seed mix and leaving millet in for them. They eat it, but not with the relish that I would like to see.


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From: Bird Lady Sent: 2/11/2001 5:01 AM
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From: Katzxten Sent: 2/11/2001 9:28 PM
Hi Patti
I wean mine to pellets soaked with fruit juice and water and start putting fresh food in right away for them to PLAY with. I always start hand feeding at twelve days -I just hit on that number of days and any more or less seems to make a lot of difference. Katz


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